Jean R. Guloien Award

Honoring Excellence

Jean R. Guloien

Jean (Jeannie) Guloien (1945-1970) was the outstanding graduate student in audiology at the University of Arizona in 1970. In the words of the Director of the Hearing Clinic at the time, Ronald Robertson, PhD, "Jean was a warm, mature, clinically competent person, sincerely and deeply interested in the needs of the hearing handicapped - both young and old. I count it a great privilege to have known Jean; she was a young lady I shall not soon forget." Unfortunately, Jean died in a car accident in May 1970 right before graduating. She was awarded her master's degree posthumously, and the outstanding graduate student award was named in her memory.

Congratulations to the outstanding students who received the great honor of the Jean R. Guloien Award!

  • 2018:  Mira Fein, MS; Diane Cheek, AuD
  • 2017:  Marianne Casilio, MS; Jinna Borgstrom, AuD
  • 2016:  Mara Goodman, MS; Giau Le, AuD
  • 2015:  Danielle Encinas, MS; Stephanie Yagata, MS; Johnna Tanji, AuD
  • 2014:  Kimberly Neely, MS; Breanna Reed, AuD
  • 2013:  Katrina Jensen, MS; Feng-Yi Chuang, AuD

    Christine Zander with past recipients

  • 2012:  Sarah Wikert, MS; Susan Richmond, AuD
  • 2011:  Taylor Ryann Howard, MS; Aileen A. Wong, AuD
  • 2010:  Miranda C. Babiak, MS; Ryan M. Whitaker, AuD
  • 2009:  Rachel M. King, MS; Elizabeth A. Searing, AuD
  • 2008:  Kristen M. Kalen, MS
  • 2007:  Susan Carnahan, MS; Kathryn Joy Greenslade, MS
  • 2006:  Ryan Hendrix, MS; Beatriz Seldner, AuD; Emily Sulcs, MS
  • 2005:  Amber Lin; Molly Elizabeth Nelson
  • 2004:  Kristine Perona; Leah Marie Surpless; Brooke White
  • 2003:  Amanda Ann Bishop; Kristi Denise Perkins Hesse; Jessica Dawn Richardson
  • 2002:  Allison M. Smith; Stacy Ann Stone; Stacey Amber Thom
  • 2001:  Stephanie Leigh Adamovich; Danette M. Baker; Lizajoy Rachelle McCue
  • 2000:  Molly A. Hinners; Esther Sung Kim; Kindle Rising; Monica Reina Valles
  • 1999:  DiAnne M. Gagliardo; Christopher D. Wahl
  • 1998:  Susan Danielle Berry; Christine Scott
  • 1997:  Mary Alt; Margaret V. Rendano
  • 1996:  Robert John Fanning; Lisa Hope Milman
  • 1995:  Deborah Anne Hills; Melissa Sue Otterbacher; Cathy Cleveland Peters; Amy Elizabeth Ramage
  • 1994:  Soren Yvette Cowell; Suzanne Margaret Starkey
  • 1993:  Stacy Lynn Daily
  • 1992:  Marla Jean Ovalle; Shannon Lamb-Bryant
  • 1991:  Christine Marie Dausch; Pamela Ellen Montgomery
  • 1990:  Thomas Francis Muller; Catherine Jane Sigismund
  • 1989:  Shelley Irene Gray; Suzanne Lea Cuzner; Ann Catherine Dingman
  • 1988:  John Stoll; Angela Sorrell; Stefanie Natalicchio
  • 1987:  Melinda Heald; Maddie Johnson
  • 1986:  Sharon Elssmann; Nancy Gilabert
  • 1985:  Thomas J. Slauson; Sara Super
  • 1984:  Ann Brown; Laurie Moscovitz
  • 1983:  Marilyn Schmarder
  • 1982:  Janet L. Hawley
  • 1981:  Waverlyn G. Jones
  • 1980:  Ellen Elizabeth Jett
  • 1979:  John Hanbery
  • 1978:  Mona Smith Terrill; Ron J. Leavitt
  • 1977:  Joanne Kruesi
  • 1976:  Carl A. Coelho
  • 1975:  Joseph J. Langhans, III
  • 1974:  Karen Beaumont-Hetenyi
  • 1972:  Ruth M. Van Kirk
  • 1971:  Susan Canterbury Campbell
  • 1970:  Jean R. Guloien