Recommended Coursework for Graduate Study in Speech-Language Pathology

A typical and successful applicant to the Speech-Language Pathology graduate program at the University of Arizona has a GPA of 3.8 overall (3.9 for the last 60 units) and GRE scores of 1200 total. Writing GRE scores average 4.5. The successful applicant also demonstrates participation in a research laboratory, strong volunteerism or a solid work history.

Applicants to the graduate program should have completed minimum coursework in the following areas:

  • Biological Sciences (1 course)
  • Behavioral/Social Sciences (1 course)
  • Physical Sciences (1 course) [physics or chemistry]
  • Statistics (1 course)Mathematics (1 course)

Students who have completed an undergraduate degree in another field and are interested in applying to the graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology have three options:

  1. The University of Arizona offers a 3-year MS program. In this program, the first year is spent taking foundational coursework and then students begin the typical 2-year MS sequence.
  2. Students also have the option to apply for a second undergraduate degree in SLHS before applying to the Masters program. To complete that degree students would need to complete the 33 units required for the major. Please see page 11 in the undergraduate cactus book for a list of those courses.
  3. Students can try to complete some of the foundational coursework as a Non-Degree Seeking student. Students following this route would be admitted to coursework if space remains in the course at the start of the semester. Students will not be able to register for graduate coursework without permission of the instructor.

Recommended undergraduate foundational coursework includes:

  • SPH 340 Language Science (F)
  • SPH 483 R/L Principles of Audiology (F)
  • SPH 477 Communication Disorders I (F)
  • SPH 471 Speech Sound Disorders (F) –prerequisite a Phonetics course
  • SPH 261 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism (F)
  • SPH 441 Language Acquisition (S) –prerequisite Language Science
  • SPH 473 Communication Disorders II (S)

Graduate courses that may be taken with permission of instructor:

  • SPH 565 Acoustics (F)
  • SPH 555 Developmental Language Disorders (F)
  • SPH 454/554 Audiologic Rehabilitation across the Lifespan (F)