The University of Arizona

PhD Program Milestones

The following milestones are intended as a guide. The example provided here assumes that the entering student has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field (MS or AuD). Students who come in with less prior academic training or degrees from different fields are likely to need additional semesters to master the core knowledge base expected for a doctorate in this field. Other factors, type of training the student desires, and their eventual career goals may also influence the length of their program.

What When
Select an advisor During admission process
Establish qualifying exam committee 1st semester
Take qualifying examination 1st semester
Choose minor area of study 1st semester
Establish major and minor committee 2nd semester
Prepare degree study program (department) 2nd semester
File annual progress report with committees Annually
Submit Plan of Study (Graduate College)** 3rd semester
Plan and schedule written comprehensive examination 6th semester
Schedule oral preliminary exam 6th semester
Present colloquium on dissertation concept 6th or early 7th semester
Obtain approval of dissertation prospectus from major and minor committee members Early 7th semester
Submit Doctoral Advancement to Candidacy (Graduate College)** Beginning 7th semester
Schedule final Oral Defense Examination 8th semester
Submit the Announcement of Oral Defense 3 weeks before date of examination
Submit the final 2 library copies of dissertation See published deadlines in Grad College