Elizabeth Guyette, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-L

Assistant Clinical Professor

Elizabeth has been a pediatric speech-language pathologist for 15 years in multiple settings including outpatient clinics and children’s hospitals.  She enjoys working closely with young clients in early intervention models of care with a parent coaching emphasis and has experience teaching The Hanen Centre’s More Than Words program.  Elizabeth completed a year-long LEND fellowship with the UC Davis MIND Institute in 2019-2020 to expand her knowledge base regarding neurodevelopmental disorders.  After a rigorous application process, she became a Board Certified Specialist in Childhood Language (BCS-CL) with her area of specialization in assessment and intervention with young children with autism.  Elizabeth is a bilingual speech-language pathologist (English/Spanish) and lives in a bilingual and bicultural household.  After spending years working with diverse populations, she is highly interested in providing the best clinical care to culturally and linguistically diverse families.  In addition, she has broad experience in assessing and treating children with a range of concerns, such as: fluency disorders, speech sounds disorders, receptive and expressive language disorders, as well as feeding and swallowing disorders.