Mary Alt, PhD, CCC-SLP

Mary Alt
Associate Professor
(520) 626-6180


  • SLHS 399/499/599 – Independent Study,
  • SLHS 441/541 – Language Acquisition
  • SLHS 501 – Professional Issues in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
  • SLHS 555 – Developmental Language Disorders


Dr. Alt is director of the L4: Language, Learning, Literacy, Lexicon Lab. Her research is centered on answering this question: How do people learn words and the concepts associated with those words? Her lab approaches this larger problem from three angles: 1) word learning (learning the names of things), 2) concept learning (learning the meanings of the words), and 3) clarifying how learning manifests in people who are bilingual. Her research often integrates these three components, and is extending findings from the lab into clinically-driven research.

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