Aural (Re)Habilitation Resources

Audiobook Resources


  • Overdrive is available online and as a cell phone/tablet application. Overdrive allows you to borrow eBooks, audiobooks and stream video from your library. They have over 30,000 libraries worldwide. Books are available 24/7 and come right to you. No late fees incurred as titles are automatically returned once you're finished. You must have a valid account with a participating library, school or other institution.


  • Audible is a company affiliated with Amazon. This website, phone/tablet application allows you to listen to your favorite celebrities narrate their favorite stories. You can try Audible for free for 30 days and get your first audiobook for free.

All You Can Books:

  • This free app gives you unlimited, instant access to over 30,000 wonderful audiobooks, eBooks, and podcasts. There is a fee for service.


  • This website and cell phone/tablet application can instantly allow you to stream more than 100,000 premium audiobooks. The site adds hundreds of new books every week and your first premium audiobook is free! Plus, they have a library of 7,000 free audio titles.

LibriVox Audio Books Free: LibriVox | free public domain audiobooks

  • This site and app offers unlimited access to over 24,000 free audiobooks. Each LibriVox audiobook can be streamed over the internet or downloaded for later use without any charge. These audiobooks are free thanks to the dedicated work of hundreds of volunteers who record, edit, and distribute public domain books.
  • There are many audiobook distributors. For more options, search for "audiobook" in your preferred search engine, Google Play or Apple Store.

Online Resources

  • Angel Sound: Free interactive Listening rehabilitation and functional hearing test program for adults and teens that offers a self-paced training programming with a variety of exercises from basic to advanced. Activities include: speech and music recognition tasks, auditory resolution, speech in quiet and in noise and auditory cognition exercises. These are often distributed by Cochlear America.
  • The Listening Room: Free activities to develop speech listening skills sponsored by Advanced Bionics.
  • SoundScape: Provides more interactive listening activities and games designed to help test listening skills. They also provide a sentence matrix activity intended to practice speech recognition while reading sentences. This is sponsored by MedEL.
  • Audio Concentration/Matching Game: This site offers games and activities that are completed with audition alone (no text or pictures). These activities are timed and can be challenging.
  • Communication Center: This is a neat program offered by Cochlear Americas that provides listening exercises to be completed with a partner over the phone. You simply call 1-800-458-4999 to practice listening with written text provided online.
  • Hearing Programs and Resources for Adults | Cochlear
  • Telephone Tips for Cochlear Implant Recipients | The Hearing People: MED-EL (
  • Sound Success: A self-paced, interactive program for use in and out of the clinic. A resource designed to boost communication confidence to get back into life as soon as possible.

Cell Phone & Tablet Applications

  • Angel Sound: This is the phone/tablet version of the Angel Sound online program mentioned above. This can be found by searching Angel Sound in the app store or iTunes.
  • Hear Coach: This is a listening game developed by Starkey Hearing Technologies that features games to challenge both auditory sharpness and cognition.
  • AB Clix: This application provides listening practice at the word level in both quiet and noise.
  • Read My Quips: This tool is designed to strengthen speech understanding in noise. Most find this entertaining and challenging. There is a fee for this application, but a free trial period is also offered.
  • MegaEpic: provides lip-reading practice for those interested in supplementing their auditory skills with visual cues