Student Awards

Collage of three award plaques

These students have demonstrated excellence in classroom, clinical, and community scholarship, research, and service at the undergraduate and graduate level. 

The following undergraduate student leaders demonstrated academic strength and involvement in research or internships. They helped guide prospective students interested in a science degree:

2022-2023 Alyssa Torres and Chloe Perius

2021-2022  Caleb Peterson and Alyssa Torres

2020-2021  Sarah Laitin and Caleb Peterson

2019-2020  Mia Sullivan

2018-2019  Carson Pyatt and Lauren Mann

2017-2018  Carson Pyatt

2016-2017  Leah Gluck and Symone Whitney Banks

2015-2016  Leah Gluck and Kayla Ichiba

2014-2015  Alyssa Sachs and Angelica McCarran

2013-2014  Daniel Boz and Shannon Delaney 

2012-2013  Samantha Deitering and Arlett Perez

2011-2012  Samantha Deitering and Arlett Perez


The following undergraduates demonstrated exemplary work across the classroom, the lab, and their community:

Spring Commencement

2023  Alyssa  Torres
2022  Rosie McClure
2021  Anabel Serna
2020  Brandon Garivaldo - overall College of Science Award
2019  Lauren Mann
2018  Valerie Brown
2017  Meira Abidov
2016  Angelica McCarron
2015  Marisa Marsteller
2014  Sarah Olson
2013  Samantha Dietering
2012  Anna-Alyse Tellez
2011  Lauren Smith - overall College of Science Award
2010  Keila Gutierrez
2009  Lena Kyman
2008  Meghan Matthews
2007  Antonia Vitela
2006  Arwen Bruner
2005  Rachel Berman
2004  Mary Elizabeth Pankratz
2003  Amy Armstrong
2002  Anthony George Platis
2000  Molly Snow
1998  Decema Chow
1997  Snow Heinrich
1996  Amy Wilcox

Winter Commencement (not every year)
2019  Lara Guevara
2017  Genesis Hernandez, Excellence in UG research and overall College of Science Award
2015  Jennifer DiLallo
2013  Natalie Carmen
2011  Krista Durr
2010  Stacey Platzman
2007  Stacey Trepanier
2005  Sara Masengale
2004  Jennifer Parrott
2000  Laurel Davis
1998  Sharon Bean

These students completed research that made a significant contribution to our field with originality, creativity, and independence:

2023  Allison Staib
2022  Rebecca Rodrigues
2021  Sarah Laitin
2020  Grace Gerbing
2019  Carson Pyatt
2017 (Winter)  Genesis Hernandez
2017 (Spring)  Holly Nicole Durr
2016  Sarah MacKenzie
2015  Alexa Bautista
2014  Temre Brandt
2013  Julie Leclerc
2012  Sharon Crouse-Matlock
2011  Nick Ramirez
2010  Keila Gutierrez
2009  Allison Schneider
2008  Megan Kittelson
2007  Aileen Wong
2006  Erin Shannon
2005  Karen Doyle
2004  Mary Pankratz
2002  Amy Stark


The Galileo Circle awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate exceptional potential in the physical, mathematical, environmental, cognitive, or life sciences. 

Year - Awardee - supported by  

            Rebecca Burton
            Fatima Hasan Jebahi
            Rosie McClure (UG)
            Diego Melendez
            Sarah Lynn Neiling
            Allison Staib (UG)
            Bryan Wong

            Rebecca Burton
            Fatima Hasan Jebahi
            Sarah Lynn Neiling
            Katlyn Nickels
            Bryan Wong

            Kristen Ackley
            Jessie Erikson
            Heidi Mettler
            Ali Pourjavid
            Alyssa Sachs
            Alexander Tucci
            Bryan Wong

           Laura Coco -  Pélagie and Michael Beeson
           Alyssa Everett - Sandra and James Hambacher
           Ali Pourjavid - Sandra and James Hambacher
           Barrett St. George -  Jeannette Hoit and Philippe Bodin
           Kristen Ackley - Charles and Karen Autrey
           Katlyn Nickels - Charles and Karen Autrey
           Lydia Dinkel - Marty Jo Demetras & John Umbriet
           Melanie Turner - Sandra and James Hambacher
           Nora Evans-Reitz - Robin and Jack Lavin
           Bryan Wong - Charles and Karen Autrey
           Carrie Clancy - Dino and Beth DeConcini

           Laura Coco 
           Jessie Erikson 
           Alyssa Everett 
           Ali Pourjavid - Marty Jo Demetras & John Umbriet
           Barrett St. George - Jeannette Hoit and Philippe Bodin
           Alex Tucci 
           Alyssa Sachs - Pélagie and Michael Beeson
           Heidi Mettler - Dino DeConcini and Elizabeth Murfee
           Bryan Wong
           Kristen Ackley

           Genesis Arizmendi - Christine McDonough
           Laura Coco - Jeannette Hoit and Philippe Bodin
           Jessie Erikson - Charles and Elena d'Autremont
           Alyssa Everett - Sandra and James Hambacher
           Ali Pourjavid - Pélagie and Michael Beeson
           Chelsea Privette - Robin and Jack Lavin
           Barrett St. George - Jeannette Hoit and Philippe Bodin
           Alex Tucci - Cecile Moore
           Alyssa Sachs - Gerald and LaDonna Geise
           Heidi Mettler - Dino DeConcini and Elizabeth Murfee

           Genesis Arizmendi - Robert and Sue Vaughn
           Laura Coco - Robert and Sue Vaughn
           Jessie Erikson - Jeannette Hoit and Philippe Bodin
           Alyssa Everett - Jerome and Jane Glass
           Heidi Mettler - Jeannette Hoit and Phillipe Bodin
           Trianna Oglive - Jerome and Jane Glass
           Alireza Pourjavid - Sandra and James Hambacher
           Chelsea Privette - Cecil Moore
           Alyssa Sachs - Sandra and James Hambacher
           James Shehorn - Mark Mistler/BBVA Compass Bank
           Barrett St. George - Dino DeConcini and Elizabeth Murfee
           Alexander Tucci - Pélagie and Michael Beeson

           Genesis Arizmendi - Sandra and James Hambacher
           Natalie Dailey - Christine McDonough
           Andrew DeMarco - David and Mary Peachin
           Jessie Erikson - Sandra and David Hambacher
           Megan Kittelson - Jeannette Hoit and Philippe Bodin
           Marja-Liisa Mailend - Dino DeConcini and Elizabeth Murfee
           Trianna Oglivie - Ruth and Stephen Dickstein
           Chelsea Privette - Cecil Moore
           James Shehorn - Robert and Sue Vaughan
           Spencer Smith - Janice and Danny Gasch/Arizona Hearing Specialists

           Jessica Aguilar - Christine McDonough
           Genesis Arizmendi - Sandra and James Hambacher
           Andrew DeMarco - Dino DeConcini and Elizabeth Murfee
           Meghan Kittelson - Pélagie and Michael Beeson
           Marja-Liisa Mailand - Jenny Hoit and Philippe Bodin
           Kim Neely - Sandra and James Hambacher
           Jaclyn Hellman - Christine McDonough
           Kristen Rummary - Cecile Moore
           James Shehorn - Janis and Danny Gasch
           Spencer Smith - David and Mary Peachin
           Anna Tinnemore - Pélagie and Michael Beeson

          Rosemary Lester - Pélagie and Michael Beeson
          Andrew DeMarco - David and Mary Peachin
          Tina Meyers 
          Marja-Liisa Mailend
          Spencer Smith
          Sarah Olson
          Caety Chong ​- Jenny Hoit
          Kim Neely ​​- Pélagie and Michael Beeson
          James Shehorn - Pélagie and Michael Beeson

          Kathy Carbonell – Cécile Moore
          Rosemary Lester – Pélagie and Michael Beeson
          Andrew DeMarco – David and Mary Peachin
          Tina Meyers – Pélagie and Michael Beeson
          Triana Oglivie – Pélagie and Michael Beeson
          Marja-Liisa Mailend – Tony and Connie Bischof

         Kathy Carbonell – Dino DeConcini and Elizabeth Murfee DeConcini
         Sharon L. Crouse-Matlock – Jacqueline Morris and David Devine
         Rosemary Lester – Ernest and Sally Micek
         Breanna Reed – Cecile Moore
         Shane Veglia – David and Mary Peachin

         Jessica M. Aguilar – Cecile Moore
         Lesley J. Fidler - David and Mary Peachin
         Susan A. Richmond - Janis and Daniel Gasch (AZ Hearing Specialists)
         Allison F. Schneider - Susie Morris and David Davine

         Robin Samlan – Cecile Moore
         Megan Kittleson – David and Mary Peachin

         Rindy Ito – Cecile Moore
         Antonia “Davi” Vitela – David and Mary Peachin
         Brian Munson – Mary Goodman

        Aileen Wong – Cecile Moore
        Megan Matthews – Mary Goodman
        Amy Lederle – Joan Kaye and Robert Cauthorn

         Sue Carnahan – Cecile Moore
         Angela Garinis – Mary Goodman

         Erin O’Bryan – Compass Bank
         Kathryn Greenslade – Mary Goodman
         Maya Henry – Charles and Karen Autry

          Shauna McIver – Mary Goodman
          Tammie Spaulding – Dr. Sally Drachman
          Sarah Orjada – Peter and Pat Likins

         Mary Pankratz – Mary Goodman

         Esther Kim – Mary Goodman

         Melissa Van Haren – Mary Goodman

The following graduate students demonstrated overall outstanding classroom, research, and clinical learning:

  • 2022: Brittany Barajas, MS
  • 2021: Melanie Turner, MS; Kaitlyn Froese, AuD
  • 2020: Morgan Kern, MS; Aaron Whiteley, AuD
  • 2019: Madeline Wollersheim, MS; Karla Navarro, AuD
  • 2018:  Mira Fein, MS; Diane Cheek, AuD
  • 2017:  Marianne Casilio, MS; Jinna Borgstrom, AuD
  • 2016:  Mara Goodman, MS; Giau Le, AuD
  • 2015:  Danielle Encinas, MS; Stephanie Yagata, MS; Johnna Tanji, AuD
  • 2014:  Kimberly Neely, MS; Breanna Reed, AuD
  • 2013:  Katrina Jensen, MS; Feng-Yi Chuang, AuD
  • 2012:  Sarah Wikert, MS; Susan Richmond, AuD
  • 2011:  Taylor Ryann Howard, MS; Aileen A. Wong, AuD
  • 2010:  Miranda C. Babiak, MS; Ryan M. Whitaker, AuD
  • 2009:  Rachel M. King, MS; Elizabeth A. Searing, AuD
  • 2008:  Kristen M. Kalen, MS
  • 2007:  Susan Carnahan, MS; Kathryn Joy Greenslade, MS
  • 2006:  Ryan Hendrix, MS; Beatriz Seldner, AuD; Emily Sulcs, MS
  • 2005:  Amber Lin; Molly Elizabeth Nelson
  • 2004:  Kristine Perona; Leah Marie Surpless; Brooke White
  • 2003:  Amanda Ann Bishop; Kristi Denise Perkins Hesse; Jessica Dawn Richardson
  • 2002:  Allison M. Smith; Stacy Ann Stone; Stacey Amber Thom
  • 2001:  Stephanie Leigh Adamovich; Danette M. Baker; Lizajoy Rachelle McCue
  • 2000:  Molly A. Hinners; Esther Sung Kim; Kindle Rising; Monica Reina Valles
  • 1999:  DiAnne M. Gagliardo; Christopher D. Wahl
  • 1998:  Susan Danielle Berry; Christine Scott
  • 1997:  Mary Alt; Margaret V. Rendano
  • 1996:  Robert John Fanning; Lisa Hope Milman
  • 1995:  Deborah Anne Hills; Melissa Sue Otterbacher; Cathy Cleveland Peters; Amy Elizabeth Ramage
  • 1994:  Soren Yvette Cowell; Suzanne Margaret Starkey
  • 1993:  Stacy Lynn Daily
  • 1992:  Marla Jean Ovalle; Shannon Lamb-Bryant
  • 1991:  Christine Marie Dausch; Pamela Ellen Montgomery
  • 1990:  Thomas Francis Muller; Catherine Jane Sigismund
  • 1989:  Shelley Irene Gray; Suzanne Lea Cuzner; Ann Catherine Dingman
  • 1988:  John Stoll; Angela Sorrell; Stefanie Natalicchio
  • 1987:  Melinda Heald; Maddie Johnson
  • 1986:  Sharon Elssmann; Nancy Gilabert
  • 1985:  Thomas J. Slauson; Sara Super
  • 1984:  Ann Brown; Laurie Moscovitz
  • 1983:  Marilyn Schmarder
  • 1982:  Janet L. Hawley
  • 1981:  Waverlyn G. Jones
  • 1980:  Ellen Elizabeth Jett
  • 1979:  John Hanbery
  • 1978:  Mona Smith Terrill; Ron J. Leavitt
  • 1977:  Joanne Kruesi
  • 1976:  Carl A. Coelho
  • 1975:  Joseph J. Langhans, III
  • 1974:  Karen Beaumont-Hetenyi
  • 1972:  Ruth M. Van Kirk
  • 1971:  Susan Canterbury Campbell
  • 1970:  Jean R. Guloien

These graduate students were honored for their outstanding research and presentations at meetings:

2023  Heidi Mettler

2022  Bryan Wong

2021  Laura Coco - College of Science award winner

2019  Genesis Arizmendi

2018  Laura Coco

2017  Genesis Arizmendi

2016  Marja-Liisa Mailand

2015  Marja-Liisa Mailand

2014  Rosemary Lester

2013  Rosemary Lester

2012  Robin Samlan

2011  Davi Vitela

2010  Robin Samlan

2009  Ellen Campbell


These students were honored for their teaching and mentoring that went above and beyond expectations:

2023 Alyssa Sachs

2022  Bryan Wong

2021  Kristen Ackley

2020  Barrett St. George

2019  Aaron Whiteley

2018  Trianna Oglivie

2017  Dianne Cheek - College of Science award winner

2016  James Shehorn

2015  Andrew DeMarco

2014  James Shehorn

2012  Rosemary Lester

2011  Davi Vitela

2010  Amy Lederle

2009  Aileen Wong


These students were honored for their attention to broader impacts, participating in volunteer activities outside of academic responsibilities that benefit the department, university, and the wider community:

2023 Sarah Lynn Neiling

2022  Alex Tucci

2021  Chelsea Privette - College of Science award winner

2020  Allyson Mitchell

2019  Hannah Rosenberg Jones

2018  Chelsea Privette

2017  Nicole Denney

2016  Libby Coon

2015  Giau Le

2014  Daisy Sanchez

2013  Lynn Iversen

2012  Mary Rose Durkin - College of Science award winner

2011  Aileen Wong

2010  Kati Wint

2009  Robin Samlan