SLHS' Dr. Elena Plante Receives $3M in Grant Funding

July 28, 2016

Elena Plante, PhD, CCC-SLP, a professor in SLHS, recently received funding for her grant titled "Identification of treatment parameters that maximize language treatment efficacy for children." The five year grant will provide approximately $3,000,000 in funding from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (grant NIDCD 1R01DC015642). The work will include treatment studies for late talkers (ages 2-3 years) and children with specific language impairment (ages 4-5 years) that apply current learning theory to identify methods for making treatment of language impairments more effective and efficient. The inclusion of these two different groups of children will promote synergies that will increase the impact of the work. Testing treatment manipulations across contrasting populations, ages, and treatment methods will determine whether benefits of specific treatment parameters are limited specifically to the language domain treated (vocabulary or morphosyntax), or represent broader principles for optimizing treatment in general.

Watch this video highlighting the important work resulting from the research.