Introducing our new PRIDE Program

Dec. 20, 2019

We are excited to announce a new grant program for doctoral students: Preparing Researchers in Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities from Multicultural Environments (PRIDE).  PRIDE is funded by the Office of Special Education Programs within the US Department of Education to increase the number of faculty who can prepare students to work with multicultural populations.  It is designed as a joint program between ASU and UA, so that students will take some of the same classes and have a cohort.  In addition to taking advantage of existing courses, we have designed specialized courses specifically for this program.

The grant provides funding for 8 doctoral students total (4 per university) for four years of training.  Students will take part in specialized coursework, webinars, and lab rotations, as well as receive faculty mentoring.  In addition to covering tuition, students will also receive a stipend, health benefits, and funds for travel.  In return for each year of funding, students are expected to do two years of work related to pediatric multicultural issues.

We are currently seeking doctoral students for Fall 2020 who are interested in serving pediatric, multicultural populations. To learn about the PRIDE program and how you can apply, please contact Mary Alt at