Blue Envelope Program Collaboration

April 17, 2024

Supporting Autistic Drivers in Arizona

Hand pulling blue envelope from glove compartment of car

Arizona Department of Transportation

Assistant Professor Nell Maltman and Clinical Professor Jennifer Casteix are collaborating with law enforcement to introduce the Blue Envelope Program to the state of Arizona. This program is designed to facilitate communication between autistic drivers and law enforcement during traffic stops. Ms. Casteix participated in envelope design and dissemination. Dr. Maltman developed training materials in collaboration with UArizona's Disability Resource Center and the SALT Center that will be utilized with law enforcement officers from around the state to support their understanding of autism and how to use the Blue Envelope. The first training will occur on April 24th in Tucson with UAPD facilitating.

Dr. Maltman (Lifespan Language Lab) is also leading research on this program to better understand what officers know about autism, how they currently adapt their communication during traffic stops, and what kinds of training could be effective for broader implementation. In collaboration with partners around the university and at the state level, Dr. Maltman hopes to develop a multifaceted approach to training with the possibility of dissemination statewide.

You can read the official press release here: