Elena Plante, PhD, CCC-SLP



  • SLHS 696a - Grant Writing


Elena Plante conducts research primarily in the area of developmental language disorders. Her work concerns the accurate identification of adults and children with this condition, improvement of learning by these individuals, and understanding the neurobiological substraits of the disorder. She is a co-author on several standardized tests for children with language disorders including the Pediatric Test of Brain Injury, the Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills, the SPELT-IV, and the Shirts and Shoes Test.  Her lab is actively engaged in treatment research to improve grammatical morpheme skills in preschool children with Developmental Language Disorder.  She has been conducting neuroimaging research for over 30 years and she primarily uses fMRI as a tool for revealing recruitment of cognitive systems for language processing. Her work has been funded by grants from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders and the National Institute on Aging and the Institute for Educational Science. Dr. Plante has numerous ongoing collaborations with researchers nationally and abroad. 

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