Fatima Jebahi, MS

PhD Student

Fatima Jebahi is a PhD student in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences and a grantee of the University Fellows Award. She completed her Bachelor Honors degree at the Lebanese University in her home country of Lebanon. In 2019, Fatima was awarded the Fulbright scholarship to pursue her Master of Science degree at East Carolina University (North Carolina).

Fatima is currently training in the Language and Neuroimaging (LAN) Research Laboratory under the mentorship of Prof. Aneta Kielar. Fatima’s research interests are centered around understanding how the brain processes and executes language following lesion, damage, or atrophy of language-specific areas. Specifically, she is interested in studying those mechanisms and their neural correlates in individuals with acquired language disorders, such as post-stroke aphasia and primary progressive aphasia. Ultimately, Fatima intends to contribute, with the research she conducts, to improving the lives of individuals living with aphasia.