Linda Norrix, PhD

University of Arizona 2002-2023


Linda received her Bachelor’s degree from The University of WI-Madison, her Master’s degree from Denver University and her PhD from The University of AZ. She joined the University of Arizona Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences in 2002 after completing post-doctoral training at the University of Arizona in the Speech Perception Laboratory.

Linda’s clinical, teaching, and research interests and expertise are in the areas of Pediatric Audiology. She taught the Advanced Audiological Evaluation Lab and Pediatric Audiology and was on the faculty of ArizonaLEND Maternal and Child Health Training Program. Her passion is to provide knowledge and clinical opportunities for students to develop pediatric evidence-based diagnostic skills. She supported graduate students when evaluating neurotypical children as well as children with multiple disabilities and guides the student to connect the family with resources specific to the child and family needs. She performed her clinical mentorship, and has done so for more than 22 years, in the community at Tucson Medical Center and a pre-school in the Sunnyside Unified School District.