Robin Samlan, PhD, MBA, CCC-SLP

Associate Professor, Associate Department Head, and Director of Clinical Education


  • SLHS 477: Communication Disorders I
  • SLHS 574: Speech Disorders II


Robin Samlan earned her PhD at The University of Arizona and was a postdoctoral scholar in the Voice Perception Laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to her doctoral work, she was a speech-language pathologist at the Johns Hopkins University and University of Wisconsin, where she specialized in disorders associated with the voice and airway, head and neck cancer, and cleft palate. While at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Samlan earned an MBA in medical services management.

Dr. Samlan is the director of the Voice Research Laboratory. The aim of her work is to improve voice evaluation and therapy paradigms for breathy dysphonia. Research currently underway in the voice lab is focused on Age-Related Dysphonia, the relation of vocal fold vibration patterns to voice quality, and the interaction of voice quality and hearing.