Clinical Research

We want a world where effective communication and support are accessible and achievable for all families living with hearing loss. We want a world where people are not isolated by hearing loss or restricted from activities or communication.

We are actively engaged in research and outreach, as well as student mentorship and teaching, to make steps towards these goals. We are investigating the factors that support communication and wellbeing, including communication programs and technology for adults with hearing loss and their communication partners. We are learning about current needs from families who share their experiences with us. Using evidence-based strategies, we are implementing several communication programs in the Hearing Clinic and the community to address the comprehensive needs and quality of life issues associated with acquired hearing loss for adults and their communication partners.

If you are interested in participating in an ongoing research study, please email


Our research is funded by grants awarded to Dr. Nicole Marrone from the National Institutes of Health - National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, the University of Arizona Foundation, SERTOMA, start up funds from the University of Arizona, and the James S. and Dyan Pignatelli/Unisource Clinical Program in Audiologic Rehabilitation for Adults.

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