Living Well with Hearing Loss Classes

Even the most advanced technologies available in today’s hearing aids cannot always compensate completely for a hearing loss. These educational support groups provide an excellent opportunity to gain information and to interact with others who are experiencing similar issues. The information is shared in three 2-hour classes. A caregiver, friend, or family member is encouraged to attend classes with you. 

Topics include: 

  • Understanding hearing and hearing loss 

  • Interpreting the results of your hearing test (be sure to bring along your own audiogram) 

  • Strategies for coping with difficult listening situations 

  • Tinnitus 

  • Principles of speech reading 

  • Hearing aids and other devices 

  • Special topics suggested by the group 

Days and times are arranged on a month-to-month basis. Please contact the clinic at 621-7070 to find out the current schedule. 

Prior to the first day of your group session, you will be sent some forms to complete and information about parking. 

Check in with the clinic receptionist on the bottom floor of the clinic 15 minutes before class begins. 

Cost is $75.00 per 3-week block (includes attendance for one participant with hearing loss and a communication partner, class materials, and parking next to the clinic). The full fee is payable to The University of Arizona on the first day of class. 

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